Teach With Confidence: CPI’s Handbook for Educators

Behavior management matters—boost your confidence and build your skills to make this your best school year yet.

Principal? Bus driver? History teacher? Hall monitor? No matter your role, if you work in education, you have a vital part to play in helping students engage with their learning environment safely and successfully. 

That’s why we put together Teach With Confidence: CPI’s Handbook for Educators—it’s got more than 100 of our best behavior management tips, advice from education experts and behavior management pros, and covers the topics that matter to everyone on staff:

  • Student Management
    Embrace time-tested strategies for addressing challenging behaviors, preventing disruptions, and meeting students where they are to help them get where they need to go.
  • Classroom Design
    Enhance your environment to make the most of direct instruction time, encourage restorative and prosocial behaviors, and strengthen safety.
  • Staff Development
    Empower all layers of school staff—from the school bus to the classroom to the cafeteria—with the skills and confidence to deliver consistent caring and safety with time-tested strategies.
  • School Climate and Culture
    Enrich your school’s culture of safety and apply nationally recommended guidelines by collaborating with staff, students, and families to sustain a climate that supports optimal student outcomes.

Effective behavior management minimizes disruptions and maximizes classroom time. You can make a measurable difference right away with these best practices, expert tips, and activity ideas from a wide range of subject matter experts throughout the world of education and here at CPI.

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