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CPI’s school safety training empowers teachers to remain focused on teaching, and gives students the support and security they need to learn.

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CPI training provides an evidence-based, proactive approach to school safety. School districts have seen challenging behaviors drop by more than 50%, restraint use plummet by as much as 99%, and reported improved test scores, grades, and graduation rates thanks to increased direct instruction time—all thanks to CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training. It empowers educators to:

  • Accurately identify warning signs that can lead to a crisis.
  • Use verbal and nonverbal techniques to defuse a situation before it can become violent.
  • Assess risk and choose the least restrictive intervention.
  • Cope with fear and anxiety.
  • Use disengagement skills to avoid injury.
  • Keep staff and students safer, every day, everywhere on campus.
“I think that the techniques that CPI teaches, and the emphasis on prevention and verbal intervention are priceless. Every teacher should have them in their toolbox. It helps teachers feel more secure knowing that they have a plan in case of physical aggression, but even better is the common language and de-escalation techniques.”
Amanda H., Bainville School District in Montana.

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CPI has collaborated with school districts like yours to measurably boost safety with proactive, time-tested strategies that support meaningful cultures of safety and caring. This eBook shares key insights from those districts, including:

  • The continuum of behaviors that define violence.
  • The core values that guide effective crisis prevention in the safest schools.
  • Talking points to get staff on the same page about school safety.
  • 3 additional free resources that you can incorporate into your school safety plan right away.

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We’ve got a blog post that’s packed with tips for effective classroom management, and features an in-depth discussion with CPI’s senior training advisor Dr. Randy Boardman, Central Valley Promise executive director Dr. Johnny Alvarado, and Rick Dahlgren of the Center for Teacher Effectiveness—no subscription required!