Quick Classroom Management Tips

Download this free guide to remaining calm and responding right when a student challenges.

What really works when it comes to keeping control of your classroom?

How you respond to difficult behavior is often the key to defusing it. With this guide from Rick Dahlgren of the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, generously shared with us to share with YOU, you’ll learn:

  • The two steps to maintaining your self-control.
  • Strategies for avoiding power struggles.
  • 60 simple phrases for defusing tough situations.
  • How to keep your focus on teaching—and students’ focus on learning.

Based on techniques taught in Time to Teach! training, these tips will help you handle challenging behavior quickly and effectively.

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We’ve got a blog post that’s packed with tips for effective classroom management, and features an in-depth discussion with CPI’s senior training advisor Dr. Randy Boardman, Central Valley Promise executive director Dr. Johnny Alvarado, and Rick Dahlgren of the Center for Teacher Effectiveness—no subscription required!