How to Create a Personalized Playlist for Your Loved One

Download this quick guide to renewing pleasure in life through music.

Are you ready to lift your loved one’s heart with joy?

With this free resource from Music & Memory℠ creator Dan Cohen, generously shared with us to share with YOU, you can spread the joy of music. Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your loved one’s favorite music.
  • Create an iTunes account.
  • Play music on an iPod.
  • Use music to connect and reminisce.

You’ll also learn about the brain-music connection, and:

  • Someone who’s been silent may begin to talk more.
  • Someone who’s been depressed may feel happier.
  • Someone who’s been less mobile may become more active.

With music and movement, you can renew a life. Fill out the form and grab this guide right away!

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