Crisis Response Planning Checklist

Download this free resource for setting simple and clear guidelines to follow during a crisis.

Whether you’re facing a weather emergency, an accidental disaster, a person who’s out of control, or something else, a fight-or-flight, adrenaline-fueled reaction can cause you to make frantic decisions.

But you can take steps to develop a calm and orderly response to a crisis. This checklist gives you easy and effective ways to:

  • Write crisis response procedures that work for your organization.
  • Anticipate possibilities so you can plan, mitigate, and prevent.
  • Establish simple, clear guidelines so you and your colleagues know what to do when making decisions and taking action.
  • Ensure respect, care, and safety in your workplace.

Based on strategies taught in CPI training, this checklist will help you stay in control in order to mitigate a crisis.

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