Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS/LACLS)

What are your clients’ remaining abilities that, when awakened, can help them feel valued, fulfilled, and satisfied with a good quality of life?

The Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) can help you identify the Allen Cognitive Levels of clients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive disabilities.

Also referred to as the leather lacing tool, this cognitive assessment tool measures global cognitive processing capacities, learning potential, and performance abilities. This Allen Battery Assessment Tool can also help you detect unrecognized or suspected problems related to functional cognition.

When administering the test, observe the person’s remaining abilities, as well as the person’s deficits, looking for a clear pattern of behavior between the two. Together with the Allen Cognitive Model, the leather lacing test will help you identify a person’s remaining abilities. And once you recognize a person’s abilities, you can foster his success with activities and help him feel useful, respected, and cared for.

When administering the leather lacing test, you engage the person in three visual-motor tasks (leather-lacing stitches) of increasing complexity. The cognitive assessment tool requires that the person attend to, understand, and use sensory and motor cues, your verbal and demonstrated instructions and cues, and feedback from motor actions. Obtain the person’s leather lacing test score using the Allen Cognitive Scale of levels and modes of performance.

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The leather lacing test will give you a quick measure of the person’s learning and problem-solving abilities. Using it as one of the Allen Battery Assessment tools, apply your understanding of the Cognitive Disabilities Model and your experience working with individuals with temporary or permanent cognitive impairments—and help them experience a greater quality of life!

The Claudia Allen test is available in standard size (ACLS) and a larger size (LACLS) for persons with vision or hand-function challenges. The standard Allen Cognitive Level Screen is 3.75 in. x 4.75 in. The Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen is 5.75 in. x 7.00 in. The large version (LACLS) of the leather lacing tool is also available as part of the Dementia Therapy Resource Kit. Both cognitive assessment tools are approved by the ACLS and LACLS Committee.

Free with each order: With each ACLS/LACLS order, you’ll receive one free Trifold Scoring Card, a pocket-sized reference of the scoring tables from the ACLS-5 Manual!

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cognitive assessment tool
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