Centralia High School reduced challenging behaviors by over 50%. And they reduced seclusion and restraint by 75–99%!

How did they do it?

“Safety, safety, safety! CPI stresses the importance of respect and understanding,” says the school’s principal, Travis Cameron.

Ready to boost respect, understanding, and results in your school right now?

Unite every player in your students’ support structure with 4 Life-Changing Autism Empathy Pledges. Inside this helpful resource, you’ll find one agreement each for:

  • Teachers: pledge to create a flexible, supportive, and productive classroom.
  • Administrators: pledge to lead an empathetic school where every student can succeed.
  • Parents: pledge to communicate and collaborate with your child’s teachers.
  • Classmates: pledge to respect how each one of us is different inside and outside.

Fill out the form to grab the pledges—and get started on positive outcomes for everyone in your school!

Statistics source: TechValidate. TVID: A5D-90A-596

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